Signs That You’re Being Bullied By A Colleague

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Signs That You’re Being Bullied By A Colleague

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There will always be times when you’ll be ticked off by a coworker’s actions. It’s just inevitable. Whether it’s an offensive joke or lack of cooperation, you will always have disagreements with your colleagues at work. But how do you know if it’s already bullying? First of all, bullying is a series of offensive actions. There is a pattern. And the offensive actions are always targeted towards you. Sometimes, it’s a personal attack. It’s no longer related to work. In this article today, we will look at the signs that you’re being bullied by a colleague at the workplace.

Talking behind your back

Gossiping is one of the red flags of bullying in the office. Some workplace bullies are not upfront about their disregard for you, so they just show it by talking about you negatively behind your back. If the bullies don’t see you as an ally, they might try and spread false stories to ruin your character.

Disregarding you in meetings

Another sign of workplace bullying is when your coworker blatantly disregards you during meetings. This might include not including you in important emails, not asking about your ideas, or ignoring your suggestions. Usually, it does not mean that your ideas are not valuable. It’s just that the bully wants to discourage you and make you upset by treating you like this.

Always giving negative feedback

Negative feedback is sometimes necessary to improve your work. But for workplace bullies, this is their way of showing aggression. Even if it’s no longer related to your job, workplace bullies will always figure out a way to give negative criticism. Oftentimes, the comments are destructive rather than constructive. Again, they are doing this not to help you improve but to make you upset.

Pointing out mistakes

Workplace bullies tend to be fond of pointing out your mistakes and making a big deal of it. Just like with negative feedback, they are doing this to show aggression and to make you feel bad about yourself. Even if it’s just a minor mistake, workplace bullies might make it look like you committed a huge blunder.

Stealing your ideas

A clear sign of workplace bullying is when your coworker constantly steals your ideas and takes credit for it. This could be their way of sabotaging you. It is a dirty trick to get ahead of you by cheating. Although this is unprofessional, it is still prevalent in some companies where there are overly competitive workplace bullies.

If your coworker is displaying these negative behaviors and actions towards you, then it’s time to think of a plan. Do not confront them right away. Confrontation is not always the best approach. Instead, focus on building credibility at work. Gain power and influence by making your value known to the decision makers. Once you have established your value, it is unlikely that the workplace bully will be successful in bringing you down and tarnishing your reputation.